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Welcome to the ROPP Portal !

The Ragnarok Online Preservation Project is the project which runs the Ragnarok Wiki. Our goal is relatively straightforward -- we're here to preserve ragnarok history and provide a central location for Ragnarok fans to get information about the past, present and future of Ragnarok Online. We look into old discoveries around Ragnarok Online and other Gravity games in the franchise, but we also look into the public domain efforts that have sprung up around those games -- times when ordinary people decided to get involved and run their own infrastructure and games.

We are a team of volunteers, who are dedicated to preserving content that otherwise would be lost to the sands of time. The degradation of information in general is happening at an alarming rate and we wanted to do our part to preserve a part of that by preserving Ragnarok Online. And what better way to preserve it and its mysteries, than to provide a single source of information for the community that plays it?

How can I help?

  • Contribute to a game section - We are looking for knowledgable people to expand out content for Ragnarok Games. If you're knowledgeable on how to play, why not start a game guide?
  • Hunt down Ragnarok's Past - Join us in the discord, help us look up fragments of RO's past hidden on and around the internet and help us!
  • Uncover some mysteries - Were there player houses in Ragnarok Online? Was Dragon Zombie ever released? Is Jellopy an addictive substance?
  • Expand the wiki - Add content for any game you like
  • Preserve public domain history - Did you develop for an emulator? Ever make a tool to do something cool? Why not document it here? We preserve these things to help science!

How can I join ?

You can join by becoming a member of the wiki and contribute that way. You can also join our discord server and speak to us and contribute that way. We of course recommend contributing to the wiki as that way information is preserved more effectively, however -- we're don't run the project with an iron fist -- if you want to contribute, just go ahead and contribute, and we'll work together to make the best content we can!

How we're run

Currently because there isn't an influx of huge numbers of people, we are maintained in a semi-democratic structure run by the community itself. We publish the rules and policies we create and we're open to changing our policies if people feel the way we do things can be done better. For more info see these:

Project goals

Our goals among the project for 2024 are:

  • Creating a Ragnarok Online database which includes information from iRO, jRO and kRO on monsters and items (
    • Item lookup with display of various server information (Based off RO Client and not emulator info)
    • Monster lookup with display of various server information (Based off official sources)
  • Creating a Ragnarok Online information base which players can use
    • Creating a good quality page out for the Ragnarok Online game
      • Outlining the history of the game
      • Outlining the various servers (jRO, kRO)
      • Providing a history of development
      • Providing a history of private servers
      • Providing a history of reverse engineering efforts
    • Making a "game guides" section which everyone can use
      • Creating a "builds" page for each class build including items.
      • Creating a "leveling spot" page for each class build
  • Improving the SEO of our content -- getting information onto search engines so others can find it.


  1. Halca (Co-founder, archivist)

    Archivist of public and private domain Ragnarok knowledge, co-founder along with Bunny and Kienna.

  2. Bunny (Co-founder, archivist)

    Chief Ragnarok 'memberer, long-time community stalwart.

  3. Kienna (Co-founder & archivist emeritus)

    Long-time archivist of RO information and well-known community member, former contributor and TCRF article author for Ragnarok Online. Discoverer of many facts!


  1. Archivist, staff and discord moderator. Long term content contributor for the project, long time RO player and old-RO enthusiast. Contributor to public and private RO history.

  2. Archivist, staff and discord moderator. Mysterious top G who cracked the password encryption on 0006 emulator and general all-round RO enthusiast. Contributor to public and private RO history.